Pottery Workshop: Make your own unique Mug in Sydney, Sat 16th Apr at 10 am Surry Hills

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Pottery Workshop: Make your own unique Mug in Sydney, Sat 16th Apr at 10 am Surry Hills

  • $109.00

Learn how to make your own unique mug in this Sydney workshop! You will discover so many possibilities of building that perfect mug without using a pottery wheel and enjoy special double ticket discount.

Time is 16th April at 10 am. Workshop is running for 3 h with a half an hour wrap-up and packing time  and we will take the breaks casually, as per everyone's need.

Venue is gorgeous Bustle Studios in Surry Hills. Check out the space here 

Directions for attendees:
The address is 1/457 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills. The entrance is around the corner on Rutland Street, look for the red door and the sign 'Bustle Studios'. We are only 3 mins walk from Central Station

Your teacher will demonstrate making a unique texture pattern or marble effect and then help everyone with their mugs individually. You can also choose to make an unusual mug shape. As shown in the photos, all mugs made by the author, options are numerous.

We are creating these colourful patterns in fresh clay. Glazing is done separately and is not part of this class.

Your teacher will also instruct you on how and where to fire your piece and all the rest you need to do to complete your perfectly functional mug and be able to drink your morning tea or coffee from your art piece. It does feel great drinking from something hand-built!

Please note: Everything made of Ceramic must be fired in ceramic kilns. Colour that you see inside of the mug is a glaze. Glazing comes after 1st firing and must be fired again. Pottery changes a lot from the fresh phase till the end. The prettiest expression is after 2nd firing. 

You are welcome to leave your piece with us to be fired and glazed white from the inside. (fee applies), but you will receive a follow- up info with detailed instructions on how and where to fire and glaze your mug.

Price of double firing and glazing your mug ( and handling from the moment you finish it) is 17$ per piece, payable at the spot. If you choose this options, we just ask you for your patience, as the process takes from 3-5 weeks to complete. More about this in the invoice you'll receive if you purchase this service.

This class is scheduled with a limited number of people (10) so that everyone gets a chance to ask questions and your teacher can provide personalised tips and tricks on how to create what you want.

Attendees will get an access to:

- Fresh clay cube, ready to use (600 - 650g)
- Tools to cut, shape and carve
- Paintbrush (small)
- Pigments (ceramic stain and/OR underglaze) to paint fresh clay and create a pattern of your choice
- Sponges for smoothing the edges
- Rolling pins
- Moulds for shapes of mugs 
- Different textures and paints
- More materials (make two if you can, no extra charge!)
- Chilled Water, Coffee, Tea and biscuits, we provide soy and cows' milk

BYO drinks if you wish, you are welcome to use the glasses on the spot.

Regarding booking your ticket:

Upon booking, you will receive an automated purchase confirmation from this website that will not show the venue details, please come back to this listing to check the venue and time details. Once the workshop is sold out (or by 24 hours prior to workshop) you will receive a welcome email with detailed heads up on what to expect/ bring. Another email, a step-by-step guide on firing and glazing your piece will be sent to you upon completion of the workshop.

If you need to cancel your ticket, monetary refunds are issued up to 14 days prior to workshop, due to expenses of hiring space and material/travel expenses. Cancellations on later date are eligible for online classes that are held regularly and include a craft box with everything you need for the class delivered to your address. 

Online classes are live and interactive, very successful way of learning, held over Zoom.

For more about online classes ( Live Streaming), click here.