DIY Body Sculpture Craft Box for Two (With booklet)

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DIY Body Sculpture Craft Box for Two (With booklet)

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The skill of figurative sculpting is very applicable in the modern world. From candle making to character development and movie industry.

Once you conquer it, you will be capable of sculpting pretty much any shape you want.

To get there takes some practice and this craft box can help you on that journey by systematically developing a sculpture of a person from basic geometric shapes.

The booklet, written by professional sculptor, will instruct you what to pay attention to.

These thorough instructions will direct you on how to make an armature, build bodies with clay and what can you do with your sculpture afterwards.

Instructions also provide a solid introduction to human anatomy which is a crucial part of learning figurative sculpting!

By the end of this fun and engaging indoor activity, you'll have your very own small torso sculptures and the skills to continue your journey with figurative sculpting.

The craft kit is made for two little figurines as pictured!

DIY Craft Box includes: 

- 1 kg of air drying clay (professional-grade and feels like natural clay when sculpting)
- 2x Wooden sculpture stand (size for a small figurine)  
- Wire for the armature (2 m)
- Mini pliers x 1
- Sanding paper -2 small sheets
- 4 different sculpting tools ( wooden and metal ones)
- Patina paint (2 x 5 g container)
- Aluminium foil for armature building
- Introduction to figurative sculpting booklet written by a professional

Note: Feel free to get in touch if you require a customisation, I will accomodate if I can!