Fine Art Workshop: Make A Human Torso Out Of Clay | 24 July 1:30 pm, Surry Hills

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Fine Art Workshop: Make A Human Torso Out Of Clay | 24 July 1:30 pm, Surry Hills

  • $119.00

Learn the basis of realistic sculpture in this Genuine Fine Art Experience in gorgeous Bustle Studios.

Time: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm, Saturday 24th July

Venue: Bustle Studios, Living Room- check it out here , address Level 1, 457 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010. Entrance is around the corner on Rutland Street, red door.

Experience a relaxing fine art studio sculpting with imakesculptures and learn how to make a human torso. You will be sculpting with a bit of wine as a projector displays artistic photos of the human body.

You will be able to look at torso sculptures, as well as the slide show. Your teacher Irina is a Master of Fine Arts Sculptor whose sculptures will be there for reference, and photographs presented are made by another fine artist.

Everyone will receive a wooden stand which will help building the sculpture and provide the basic proportions that can be challenging for beginners.

Irina will go around from person to person to gently nudge your sculpture in the right direction. If you want to receive more in-depth instructions, you are more than welcome to ask.

One of the major differences between applied (such as pottery making) and fine arts is that in the fine arts there are no strict rules that could make our project unsuccessful or "failed" to serve its function. This means, that with the right guidance, everyone will be able to create a little sculpture that will undoubtedly have its beauty and artistic features.

All levels welcome.

What you'll get:

  • Air-drying clay suitable for a small figurine, from half to one kilogram available per person (WED Clay)
  • Various metal and wooden tools for sculpting.
  • Wooden sculpture stand to help you have the base for the sculpture.
  • Paints to paint your sculpture.
  • Coffee, Tea and Snacks Provided 
What to bring:

BYO drinks. Fully equipped kitchen available.

Regarding booking your ticket:

Upon booking, you will receive an automated purchase confirmation from this website that will not show the venue details, please come back to this listing to check the venue and time details. Once the workshop is sold out (or by 24 hours prior to workshop) you will receive a welcome email with detailed heads up on what to expect/ bring. Another email, a step-by-step guide on firing and glazing your piece will be sent to you upon completion of the workshop.

If you need to cancel your ticket, monetary refunds are issued up to 14 days prior to workshop, due to expenses of hiring space and material/travel expenses. Cancellations on later date are eligible for online classes that are held regularly and include a craft box with everything you need for the class delivered to your address. 

Online classes are live and interactive, very successful way of learning, held over Zoom.

For more about online classes ( Live Streaming ), click here.