DIY Marbled Mugs Craft Box for 2 people ( with Instructions)

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DIY Marbled Mugs Craft Box for 2 people ( with Instructions)

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Discover a unique way of making a marbled hand-built mug with this specially designed Craft Box!

Learn how to make your own unique mug with this unique Craft Box and originally designed instructions! You will discover an inspiring and unique way of building that perfect mug without using a pottery wheel.

You can choose between a Craft Box for two or for 4 people.

Instruction sheet in the box will demonstrate making a unique texture pattern or a marble effect for your pottery piece. You will be supplied with sufficient materials to build your mug and to apply the amount of colourants to your wet piece, prior to firing.

Idea is to find an inspiration in natures beautiful pattern, therefore kit is equipped with crystal towers and the matching colours. For those who like and appreciate healing features of crystals, I would recommend to infuse the crystal towers in their drinks after their mug is finished.

1) Craft Box is made for two people ( for two mugs with handles and 2 small saucers) and it consists of :

- 1.2 kg of white (cream-coloured) clay
- 2 Paint Brushes
- 4 Tools (for cutting, scraping and modelling your mug)
- 4 Different Colourants in 4 separate containers ( 4 x 5 g) ( ceramic stain, oxide or underglaze, depending on availability)
- 2 Crystals for your inspiration 
- 2 Half moon ceramic sponges
- 2 thin sheets to spread a slab on, to be able to peel off clay from your working bench ( plastic or waxed paper )
- 2 Carton Tumblers to help you make your mugs out of clay slabs (one time use only, for a fee it is possible to add to order a metal, sturdy one)
- 1 Instruction sheet, uniquely designed and created by your teacher on how to conquer this unique mug building technique.
- They are all wrapped nicely and separately, and are labeled so that you will know what is what

2) In Craft box for 4 people, everything is simply doubled :) only instructions and the box are still one.

Please note: Everything made of Ceramic must be fired in ceramic kilns. Colour that you see inside of the mug is a glaze. Glazing comes after 1st firing and must be fired again. Firing is cheap and you will get the information where to do it.

You are welcome to attend my glazing and firing class after this one, but together with this craft box, you will learn the basic rules on how to proceed with completing your mug.

Customised colours and sizes are available, please get in touch