Organic Pottery Workshop: Make Leafy Platters at Surry Hills, Sun 25th July 10 am

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  • Organic Pottery Workshop: Make Leafy Platters at Surry Hills, Sun 25th July 10 am

Organic Pottery Workshop: Make Leafy Platters at Surry Hills, Sun 25th July 10 am

  • $115.00

Over two and a half hours, in this gorgeous art studio in Surry Hills, I will demonstrate how to create textured leaf-shaped plates and bowls using clay.

With just a few, simple hacks you will be able to make this perfectly decorative pottery for your own home. Throughout the class, multiple textures of leaves and laces will be offered for you to use on your piece in the class.

Venue: Bustle Studios, Living Room- check it out here , address Level 1, 457 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010. Entrance is around the corner on Rutland Street, red door. Time 10 am - 12:30pm.

You will also have exclusive access to large lotus leaf-shaped moulds, made by myself from real and rare leaves so that you can create your own fully functional, large table centrepiece. You may choose a plate, bowl or a planter shape, I will show you how.

This class is scheduled with a limited number of people (10) so that everyone gets a chance to ask questions and your teacher can provide personalised tips and tricks on how to build shape and texture. You will build one shape in this class and learn insider skills and tips sculpting, glazing and firing ceramics.

Please note:
- Everything made from ceramic must be fired in ceramic kilns.
- You will receive step-by-step guidance on where and how to do it in Sydney

Another option is to choose an air-drying clay at the checkout:

This clay does not require firing, it can look the same as the real ceramics.

To be waterproof, must be sealed with a sealant and it is not suitable for tableware. If you want to take your piece home without having to do any extra work, for decorative purposes, then this clay is the best idea for you! 

Both clays have their advantages and disadvantages, you may change your mind on the day of the workshop and pay on the spot fee.

Attendees will get:

Chilled water, Coffee and Tea provided (you can bring anything else)

- Clay cube suitable for one large-sized bowl or plate (about 600-700) with a choice between two clays: white or red (both high-quality beautiful clays).
- All the tools and equipment needed to build your artwork, including special lotus leaf moulds to use, made by your teacher.
- Oxides and stains for platter patina (if you wish your platter to have dark leaf nervature like some platters presented in photos).
- Acrylic paints and brushes for air-drying clay.

Regarding booking your ticket:

Upon booking, you will receive an automated purchase confirmation from this website that will not show the venue details, please come back to this listing to check the venue and time details. Once the workshop is sold out (or by 24 hours prior to workshop) you will receive a welcome email with detailed heads up on what to expect/ bring. Another email, a step-by-step guide on firing and glazing your piece will be sent to you upon completion of the workshop.

If you need to cancel your ticket, monetary refunds are issued up to 14 days prior to workshop, due to expenses of hiring space and material/travel expenses. Cancellations on later date are eligible for online classes that are held regularly and include a craft box with everything you need for the class delivered to your address. 

Online classes are live and interactive, very successful way of learning, held over Zoom.

For more about online classes ( Live Streaming ), click here.