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by Imakesculptures

Fundamentals of Mould Making 3 Day Course: Learn complex mould making on a small scale in this intensive 3-day course

This is an intensive, 3- day course that will run in Melbourne over 3 consecutive afternoons.

Dates: 19th, 20th and 21st March,  time 6 pm-8 pm ( we have a 30 minutes buffer for packing up  

Location : West Melbourne ( address to follow)

Tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their technical skills, this course is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts aiming to gain a solid foundation in mould making techniques.

Led by an experienced professional, participants will acquire practical skills and knowledge, positioning them for success in various applications, from artistic endeavors to professional projects.

 **Variety of Mould Techniques:** Explore an array of mould making methods, including block, glove, and shell moulds. Gain insights into the practical applications of each technique, enabling informed decision-making for your projects.

 **Application on Everyday Objects:** If you don’t have a specific object to bring, we will practice mould making principles to fruits or everyday items, that offer a unique angle on how these skills translate to real-world scenarios. This approach not only enriches the learning experience but also demonstrates the versatility of mould making in various contexts.

**Project Submission for Personalized Learning:** Participants are invited to submit their chosen objects for approval, allowing for a tailored workshop experience. This element ensures that the skills learned are directly relevant to the participants’ interests or professional requirements.

**Size is limited to approximately 10 cubic centimetres, but please send pics and descriptions through**

Course Highlights:


**Hands-On Skill Development:** Engage directly with materials and tools through practical exercises designed to build confidence and competence in mould making and casting techniques.

**Collaborative Learning Environment:** Connect with peers in a supportive setting, fostering an exchange of ideas and experiences that enrich the learning process.

**Comprehensive Material and Tool Overview:** Receive in-depth information on the selection and application of materials (such as silicone, resin, plaster) and tools necessary for effective mould making and casting, enhancing both efficiency and quality of work.

**Who Should Attend:**

This course is designed for artists, designers, hobbyists, and professionals looking to expand their skill set in mould making and casting. It serves as an excellent opportunity for skill enhancement, whether for personal development or professional advancement, with no prior experience required.

**Secure Your Place:**

Advance your skills and knowledge in the art and technique of mould making and casting by joining our 3-Evening Fundamentals Course. With limited spaces available, we encourage early registration to ensure your participation in this enriching and skill-building opportunity.

Please note: Public dates for this class require at least 2 guests to run. In the unlikely event that we don't reach this number, we'll cancel the class; in this case we'll inform you and allow you to get a refund or reschedule, so please watch your email/SMS one day prior to the class. Check your spam folder if you are expecting any emails from us.


Beginner- friendly

What will I get?
  • silicone, gypsum, fibreglass, resin, pigments, fillers and all the tools for mould making
  • Finished Mould of an object provided
  • 2 finished casts from the mould you have created ( different materials)
  • some tools ( firm precision metal spatula ) to take home and many more to use on the spot
  • boxes to take the mould and casts home
  • disposable apron
What should I bring?
  • if you have your own sculpture or a small object to cast ( pre-approved by teacher)
  • something to take notes, there will be a lot of information
  • not your best clothes :)


Since this is one-of a kind event in Melbourne, this course is possible to cancel and receive a refund only up to two weeks before an event, 7th of March 2023, after this date it is non- refundable and not possible to reschedule due to travel and space hire expenses.

However, in the case of the unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from coming if you reach out, I have another way of compensating you ( online class with craft kit delivered).

Cancellation Policy

Classes and Courses are non-refundable in the case of cancellation but customers are able to reschedule for another time up to 1 day prior to event. Different Policy applies for private group bookings

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