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Figurative Sculpting

Order a customised sculpture of your choice. I create high-quality fine art sculptures as shown in portfolio. Shape, size and material options are endless

Mould Making

Making silicone and plaster moulds for your cermic, candle or soap production. I can make a mould of your models or make model and the mould for you


Available casting of Plaster, Ceramic, Resin and bronze ( outsourced ). Finishing is possible in many different colours and textures


Everything that you ever wanted to know about sculpture and ceramics in live online classes and in - person workshops

Art project development

If you have an art piece or a whole projecton your mind and are unsure how to create it, I can help. From a sketch to final touch, I can develop a complete solution for you.

Collaborative projects

Open for colaboration with artists and designers from all art fields in completing advanced creations.

Hi, I'm Irina.

I like to introduce myself as a sculptor, although I'm engaged in different art disciplines too. I have never had another profession, nor have I wanted one. I fell in love with three-dimensional art at a very early age which came to me naturally, as I was born in a family of artists. It was the world I've grown up in, a measure of value around me.

I have graduated from Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture, and with a bit of luck, I had a chance to work internationally and gain great experience in different industries and media. Cooperating with professionals from other creative fields has perfectioned my skills and broadened the views of my artistic expression.

I have tried to gather all the projects I am engaged in on this website, showcase it, sell and teach my art. Always open for the new projects with fellow creatives, just get in touch.


image description

Life-Size Bust Polished bronze and wood

image description

Small Scale Portrait Plaster on wood; H: 20cm

image description

Life-Size Bust Bronze and wood

image description

Stone sculpture White marble

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